Don’t Throw Your Web Analytics Baby With The Bath Water Too Soon

Your Google Analytics does not obey your every needs? Well, before adopting a new tool that looks like a miracle cure for your problem, think twice.
Let me share here how we used our helpdesk software to model and track our first simple activation funnel. And let me also share with you two tools that make your Google Analytics a real charm.


#3. Throw out the baby with the bath water? Naaaa, too soon.

You can decide to get rid of Google Analytics and go for another tool that lets you track users individually, click by click. KissMetrics and MixPanel are the Prom Queens in this category.

They let you track conversion, funnels, campaigns, at the user. Yet, those tools are really awesome, but implementing them is a project in itself. It might be overkill for your simple need: track your first activation funnel.

So, you have two new options here: turn your helpdesk tool into an activation funnel tracking software, or use tools that simplify the use of Google Analytics.

#2. Use your helpdesk as a simple funnel tracking tool

You don’t have a helpdesk service yet? Well, you should. Check out Intercom,, or UserVoice. All those tools let you interact with your users. Which means personnalization.

Which therefore means user segmentation. That’s the cool part: you can create specific tags. And assign users to those tags either manually or programmatically (triggered by a user-related event in your app).

So we repurposed those tags to track our activation funnel at the user-level directly in intercom. And I have to concede that this CRM embryo right in the helpdesk is doing the job.


Of course, the more funnels you have, the less this solution is relevant. Now that we’re working on several funnels, the number of tags we’re managing in intercom is exploding, we’re pushing this system at its limits.

#1. Use tools that simplify Google Analytics

Configure your GA funnels in wysiwyg-mode with Hublo

Hublo is a young product, solving a real problem: let you setup your Google Analytics event in a WYSIWYG mode. Just record your funnel events like you would record a macro in Excel.

It takes care of capturing your events and shooting them to Google Analytics. Awesome tool to quickly prototype your funnels, and track them easily.


Give it a try, it makes your Google Analytics setup totally seamless.

Use qunb to turn your GA data into compelling visual stories

Once your Google Analytics is set up, it’s still a pain in the ass to make sense of it. The dashboard is really complex, right? Well, qunb is here to help.

Pick up your Google Analytics account, and qunb instantly does the storytelling for you. It creates a simple visual story, that you can keep private, or share with others. Check this one for instance:

Use your keyboards arrows to browse this datastory

Soon, we’ll add a lot of new features to the report: intuitive data discovery, customization / personnalization, funnel tracking, automatic profiling, … You tell us. Give it a try, and tell us what you think.


Let me try the unpronounceable tool and yell at you