What? An other analytics plugin for wordpress ?

When we started monitoring our blog, we quickly realised how boring it was to check Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter every single day.
We’ve found analytics plugin, and the best by far was made by an emailing company… nice enough, but, really, can’t we do better ?


So, we decided we could make our own.
Is it enough to monitor vanity metrics ? No. So we started refining our needs and realised what we really needed was a dashboard to monitor our growth. That’s why we named it this way.
[note : this plugin is now part of our growth analytics strategy]


As a blog owner with a specific focus on growth, what am I interested in ?

  • I want to get all my numbers at a glance: may they be absolute or relative
  • I want to check how well my content is performing well
  • I need to identify what’s working and/or not working today

We thought this could be enough value for an MVP. We hacked the various APIs, we’ve learnt WordPress plugin development, and Tadam! We’re now proud to say it is available for download.


What’s next ? Well, we’d like a deeper integration with social media to link your social push and your performance. We’d like to be able to segment your posts by category to establish a more relevant benchmark. We’d like to give an historical perspective on your daily net user base change. Of course we’re open to more ideas…

Checkout out and let us know what you think

PS : for a deeper understanding of your data, be sure to visit our website and try one of our nine analytics stories

Data Visualization 101

The art of Data Visualization is over-rated. Data Science mullahs tend to keep the man in the street away from it, by saying it’s a matter for experts only.
Well, at qunb we think it’s not. The art of data visualization and data storytelling should be accessible to anyone, including non experts. That’s our mission.
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Wanna know why we named it qunb?

Each time we start a meeting with someone new, we’re asked the same question: “Kiew Unb? Gosh, how do you pronounce it?” while staring at us with that weird looks probably meaning “Do those guys realize how stupid it sounds in English?”. Here’s why we chose it.

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French Bashing Is soooooo 2012 (Here Is Why)

Since we’ve founded qunb – a data visualization platform that lets you instantly tell visual stories with your data – I’ve not felt comfortable with the perpetual France bashing in the startup small wolrd.

Ok, Paris will never compete with San Francisco, but I’m amazed by how fast it’s improving. Let’s talk about clichés, startup hurdles, and mostly cool assets for the Parisian startup scene.

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Good Ol’ Excel Is The Ultimate Data Visualization Tool (In Most Cases)

Since our post about Infographics, a lot of people, stunned by Tufte’s “less is more” gif, have been asking us lately what’s our recommendation for a data visualization package.

Considering the size of their datasets, and the kind of story they wanna tell, our answer has been invariably the same: “Well, use your dusty ol’ Excel”. Surprising isn’t it?

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